magnetic bike poetry was an adventure that took place in winnipeg during the day on sunday, august 27, 2006. this site is worded as if it's still in the future!


participants will receive a booklet giving a hint to a location which they must decipher. each location will have another clue that points to the next.

par exemple:

sample location clues

each location will have:

expect photocopy-quality; would that it were better, but this remains beyond the planners’ means. (any benevolent strangers out there?)

a $5 donation is requested. funds collected will go toward the bike dump and legal fees for those arrested at the critical mass rides in may.

yes! when, where?

reveal map

we will gather in the parking lot north of the bike dump starting around 1230 and leave at 1300. the parking lot is along main st. on the west side, south of logan.

if that map link doesn’t work for you or you are irritated by the confusing references to unused route numbers (route 52 is main st.), see this map at the bike dump site.

what should i bring?

bring a writing utensil.

there will be a map showing all your locations, but if you are not familiar with the city, a more detailed map might be helpful.

make sure not to get dehydrated, bring something to drink.

no bike?

no problem. booklets are available for various types of trip: short on foot, longer on foot, a ride on the water bus, a short bike ride, and longer bike rides.

design disclaimer

we (should) all know that "times" is a hideous typeface due to overuse and essential boringness, but it was a design constraint due to its typical use on magnetic poetry.


want to help promote the event? print some posters or invitations (double-sided).